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Brassica Crisps

I debated whether or not to bother writing about this food experiment as, IMHO, it was a failure. Not because I did anything wrong, but because it just isn’t a very nice recipe. In the end I included it as … Continue reading

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I Do NOT Hate Possums

I don’t mind sharing my garden with possums. That is no lie. Maybe it’s not exactly the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but honestly, Your Honour, if possums want to pick some citrus fruit or nibble … Continue reading

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Out with the old and in with the new

One of the things I love about my Sydney garden is that it produces all year. I’m trying to get better at switching between seasons and crops so that my beds are as productive as possible. To this end, yesterday … Continue reading

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Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

We’ve all heard it said that good fences make good neighbours which has a ring of truth (and cleverness) about it. It’s lovely to have nice neighbours but it’s also pretty wonderful to have your own sanctuary. I’m in the enviable … Continue reading

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Sowing Sunflowers

Last September I planted a large sunflower crop which was devoured before most of it could sprout. The few sprouts that did appear we nibbled off when there were only 2 leaves on the tiny plant. I’m sure the bandicoot … Continue reading

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Birthday Mousse

For my birthday this year, I requested chocolate mousse rather than a cake. Mainly because I LOVE chocolate mousse but also because it uses eggs. I’m always looking for good egg recipes! Here’s a fantastic chocolate mousse recipe adapted from … Continue reading

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Peace Dove

She came in peace – and for some free grain. The first time I saw this dove (I’m sure it’s always the same one) Isabel chased her away. My chickens are pretty territorial. But as time has gone by, the … Continue reading

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Sowing Potatoes & Tomatoes and Mulching Celery

August is the time to start sowing potatoes so this weekend I dug in the kitchen drawer where we keep ours and grabbed a few from the bag. Last year I bought seed potatoes and did a test of their productivity … Continue reading

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Käse Spätzle Recipe

Käse Spätzle is a dish I learned to love when I lived in Stuttgart, Germany. It’s a Schwabian specialty and, though it sounds a lot like macaroni and cheese, it’s heaps better. I became addicted and Frank and I would … Continue reading

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Frangipani Maintenance

Frangipani isn’t a plant I grew up with and it doesn’t produce anything edible so, though I love my frangipani tree with its fragrant white summer flowers, I’ve put no effort into figuring out how to keep it happy and … Continue reading

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