Transplanting Celery

In early May I sowed some celery seeds that are best sowed in September. I was being impatient because a) Frank asked for celery and b) the packet comes with so many seeds that wasting a few was not going to be a loss. Since Mother Nature is pretty flexible, in spite of the bad timing, these plants are looking really healthy. Healthy enough,in fact, to go into a garden bed. I do note that the plants are 3 months old now, about the age they should be harvestable. Maybe the bad timing is having an effect.

The bed had to be prepped which means fenced off from the chickens (it’s a newly repositioned bed) and forked over (it’s already been given a good serve of horse manure). Then I put 18 celery seedlings in 3 rows. The rest of the pot went next door for their veggie bed.

All that’s left for me to do is to make sure they get plenty of water and wait to see if these plants can defy the odds and the season to produce edible stalks and leaves.


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