Citrus Thieves

The mandarins finished a couple of weeks ago. It was a good crop, not a great crop. Good enough to keep the local possums in feed every night, not great enough for me to harvest 6 a day like last year.

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single morning that went by this season without us finding empty mandarin shells either hanging in the tree or lying on the ground. I really don’t mind sharing my citrus with possums because they are clean eaters. If they don’t empty the shell on the first night, they’ll come back and finish it off the next night. No waste at all. Birds are another matter, if they have a go at a piece of citrus fruit, they’re only after the seeds and will rip into the flesh to get one pit then drop the rest on the ground.

Mandarins are definitely the citrus of choice for my neighbourhood possum. But with no more mandarins he’s moved on to the other citrus trees. He’s going through the orange tree at an alarming rate. I’m not sure he gets the whole concept of sharing.

The chickens wake up every day and inspect the leavings from the overnight possum activity. They inspect but don’t eat – not their cup of tea.

So far the possum draws the line and lemons. There are 3 on the tree right now that have been partly peeled. I’m guessing the flesh is just too sour for our local thief. I wonder if his taste will change after the last orange is eaten.


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