Sowing Potatoes & Tomatoes and Mulching Celery

August is the time to start sowing potatoes so this weekend I dug in the kitchen drawer where we keep ours and grabbed a few from the bag. Last year I bought seed potatoes and did a test of their productivity against normal grocery store potatoes and found that buying expensive “seed” didn’t make a bit of difference so this year it’s the kitchen that’s providing my seed.

After planting my 8 kitchen potatoes I watered them with some seaweed solution and threw a few handfuls of sugarcane mulch on top.

I used the same mulch to cover my celery plants that were sown way back in May (they should be sown in September and harvested 4 months later). They’re hanging in there even though they were planted out of season but have yet to impress. I’m quietly confident that as the weather warms up, they’ll actually start to grow.

The chickens are neither confident nor worried, they’re just plain curious. They want to know why I am spreading their bedding (I use this type of mulch for their nest boxes) on the ground behind a fence.

And, so I’ll remember later in the year when I am harvesting buckets of the things, this morning I sowed a bunch of cherry tomato seeds. I’m doing cherry tomatoes this year because they are supposed to be more resistant to leaf rot and fruit flies which have decimated my tomato crop in the past.


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6 Responses to Sowing Potatoes & Tomatoes and Mulching Celery

  1. It seems funny that you are planting potatoes when we are just digging ours up. That’s what happens when you are round the other side of the world !

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