Sowing Sunflowers

Last September I planted a large sunflower crop which was devoured before most of it could sprout. The few sprouts that did appear we nibbled off when there were only 2 leaves on the tiny plant. I’m sure the bandicoot loves sunflowers.

This year I’m trying again but first I put a bit more effort into preparing the bed. Because of the chickens, everything they might like (i.e. everything) gets a low fence.  This should keep both hungry bandicoots and chickens out. I also added some horse manure, fertiliser and water crystals. I’m not giving the flowers a single reason to fail.

The before and after photos below don’t look like much but they hopefully are different enough to turn a total write-off into a great harvest.

I sowed a mixture of seeds harvested from some of my early successes (pre-bandicoot) and some given to me by Deb.

As it is on the verge of spring here, it is time to get all kinds of seeds and plants into the soil. I sowed thyme and chives seeds in a long pot. Red onions came out of the pot, went into the garden bed and new seeds went into pots (the 2 black ones). Finally, broccoli seeds were sown in the small round red pot and the large green square one.

It’s all happening now!


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8 Responses to Sowing Sunflowers

  1. Bandicoot? And I thought the skunks were bad… I don’t see many plants in that garden that could grow here in the rocky mountains – but my chickens ate my sunflowers, too. Enjoying your blog!

    • Oh dear – I suspect that skunks are worse. My bandicoots are cute and don’t stink! (Though they are destructive little monsters.)

      I’m sure I have plenty of vegetables in my garden that grow in the Rockies (cabbage must grow there) but no doubt the permanent plants are very different. I moved to Australia from Seattle and was so excited to get my own lemon tree. A friend here told me “but they grow everywhere”. I had to give her a rude shock about what life is like where there are real winters 🙂

      Thanks for the warning about chickens and sunflowers – I’ll keep that fence in good shape!

  2. Max says:

    Pigeons are my seedlings enemies. I only got two sunflowers to maturity this summer!

    • Ohh Oh. Is there any creature on this earth that doesn’t like sunflowers (humans included)? It is nice to plant something so universally loved but I wouldn’t mind appreciating a few flowers myself.

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