House Guests

Oh those chickens!

We have a back door that opens off our lounge and it’s how we get into the back garden. We also use it for air flow on nice days (and there are a lot of those in Sydney). Since we’ve let the chooks free range, we’ve been keeping the door closed. Partly because it’s been winter and bloody cold, partly because we aren’t keen on chook poo in the house (I know, finicky, aren’t we).

It was bound to happen eventually though – us leaving the door open and the girls checking out the forbidden territory (the source of yogurt and many other yummy snacks). They often sit on the stairs preening, whether because they know it’s where we are or because it’s a great roosting spot is anybody’s guess. Anyway, we’d left the door opened and I heard the girls chuckling. I walked into the lounge to find Bronwyn entering. By the time I grabbed the camera, Rosie had joined her on the polished floor and Frank was behind me ready to run with arms flapping at the chooks. But I made him wait so I could take my picture.

During the pause we watched the girls. They were not very comfortable with that shiny floor. I don’t think they liked the room at all. When Frank shooed them out I’d say they were happy to go (Isabel never got closer than the 2nd step).

Maybe they’ve learned their lesson and won’t wander in if we leave the door open again. I know, I’m dreamin’!


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10 Responses to House Guests

  1. I guess they better learn now that summer is fast approaching…. You might have to install a child gate…..

    • I think it would be kind of embarrassing to have a child gate to keep my chooks out. I can just see them sticking their heads through the bars (which I suspect they could walk right through) watching me like sad little kids.

      As time goes on there is more chicken wire as the chooks scratch and peck their way to places they have no business scratching and pecking! I just pray I won’t need a sttrand of the stuff across my back door.

      • Chicken wire… it’s all about stringing up chicken wire. Just bought some more, and yet… here I am thinking of opening up more yard to the chickens. Have I lost my mind?

        • You have lost your mind – join the club. My friends come for a visit and see the chickens at the back door and smile at me like I’m some imbecile. Then I give them 6 eggs and hand them some pellets to feed the girls and they start to get it 🙂

          If only chickenwire were more attractive, we’d be setting an international gardening craze. As it is, we are truly batty.

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    We have a baby gate to keep the dogs on the deck and the chickens out… They kept climbing the steps and making a mess of the porch… hope your ladies learned not to come in the house 😉

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