Banana Season

There is no such thing as a banana season – every season is banana season. The funny ol’ plants can throw a spear at any time of year. Mine speared this year in late March (that’s late summer). Last time I think it was November, early summer.

A couple of weeks ago we cut the bottom hand off the spear and put it in a plastic bag with an apple to ripen. The end result was bananas, but not very tasty. I don’t think it was so much that we didn’t allow them to ripen, just that the last hand is destined to be the worst of the bunch.

A few days ago Frank cut the spear off the plant and cut down the plant (they only ever produce one spear). Luckily the possum never came back after that initial nibble so all the hands are going to be good eating for us.


We put one hand in a bag with a couple of apples to ripen. Today we tasted one. Yummy. Much better (if less attractive) then store-bought. Sweet and not pastey.

The spear is waiting in our kitchen until we want to ripen the hands, one at a time.


The lack of a season adds a sense of mystery to this delicious plant. Who knows when we’ll get our next treat. This one is all up to Mother Nature. No point in even pretending I have any control. Strangely, I like that.


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