Final Pea Harvest (until I sow some more)

This year we had a pretty good pea harvest. Both snow and normal peas produced for a long time. The normal pea plants developed a mould towards the end of their life which probably cut the production slightly, but it was enough for our daily garden-graze.

I didn’t do successive plantings (only filling of holes) so when the plants were spent, the season was over. I’m going to plant new seeds soon in a different spot because I really loved having fresh peas. It isn’t the best time of year for peas – the summer gets too hot – but I think I can sneak in a new crop.

I love fresh peas, but I’m not a huge fan of cooked peas. Which means the amount of peas we harvested and the way we ate them suited me to a tee. The final harvest made it into a fantastic salad. Not all of it came from our garden, but the bulk of it did. We had rocket, peas and eggs straight out of the back yard. After this photo was taken we added croutons made from home-made bread and we drizzled it with a dressing made from home-made yogurt.

Right now I have onions and tomatoes in the ground so the next time I make this salad, even more of it will be the fruits of my own labours.


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5 Responses to Final Pea Harvest (until I sow some more)

  1. I sowed more peas one month after the first lot, so I had successive peas. I also froze some of mine by blanching first for 90 seconds and then plunging into cold water. You’re right there is nothing like the taste of fresh garden peas!!

  2. I”m anxiously watching my second crop of peas as I’m hoping they produce peas before it gets too cold. I love fresh peas picked right off the plant. It’s a great snack as I walk by.

    • I had a lot of plans for my garden when I first started putting plants in the ground, a morning snack wasn’t one of them but it’s become one of the best things about gardening. Snacking while observing the overnight changes and planning the days activities is a great way to start the day.

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