Bed Building and Chicken Distractions

Every time we work in the garden, we get a lot of help from the girls. Recently when Frank was working on creating 2 new vegetable beds, he got a bit tired of shooing them away before slamming his spade into the ground. I had visions of one-legged chickens. The chooks were totally focussed on grubs and other great treats. Our little family wasn’t exactly in synch.

Then Frank had a clever idea. He scattered a bit of chook feed in a safe bed and the girls were distracted by the bounty.

Unfortunately it only lasted about 3 minutes before first one, then all 3 found Frank much more interesting than grain.

In the end, it all worked out. The new beds are built, I’m planning everything I can plant in them (3 times over) and the chickens are on the right side of the fence. Our family is back in synch.


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3 Responses to Bed Building and Chicken Distractions

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  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    How funny… we had the same issue with our girls this weekend as we built them a new coop. The just kept checking our progress and scratching in the dirt… chickens are so funny 😉

    • If you have free range chickens and you work in your yard I think you are guaranteed to have them monitoring your progress. They are funny. I can’t imagine getting irritated with them and locking them up, they make even the most tedious chores a laugh.

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