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A Good Foundation is a Wonderful Thing

So much in life runs more smoothly if you have a good foundation. Didn’t the fairy tale about the 3 little pigs teach us that? Anyway, nothing is as dependent on a good foundation as a bee hive. Or at … Continue reading

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Getting Ready to Get that Honey

Not much in this world can be done without some prep. In my experience, preparing for the first time you try a new activity takes an unreasonable amount of effort. Then, with practice, it all gets easier and easier. So … Continue reading

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What did that?

Every morning I go out into my garden with a little bit of trepidation, worried about what I might find. It’s a rare day where there is no damage from some sort of critter. Most are easy to identify. This … Continue reading

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It’s Hot

When it reaches about 30 C in my back garden (that’s 86 F) you can tell it’s getting hot without looking at the thermometer. The most obvious change is the bees start hanging out in a beard formation. The house … Continue reading

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Messy Messy Bee Hives

Yesterday we opened our 2 hives for the first time. We’ve given them (almost) a week to settle down and they seem very happy where they are. We wanted to do an initial visual check as to the state of … Continue reading

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My chickens are pretty okay with any weather. When it’s hot they half lift their wings, open their beaks a little and cleverly stay in the shade. After an initial perplexity with rain (the first rain they experienced kept them … Continue reading

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Meringue vs Macaroon

I love meringues. Frank, not so much. Frank loves macaroons. Me, not as much as meringues, but pretty much. And they are a great way to use up all those eggs my chickens deliver every day. I decided to try … Continue reading

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Pollen Laden

I’m very new to beekeeping. So new that I haven’t even opened my hive yet. I’m in that first flush of a new hobby (dare I say, passion) when I am obsessed with my new pastime and probably boring as all get-out to everyone … Continue reading

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Can I Hope for a Mango?

We’ve had a mango tree for years. Unfortunately, shortly after planting it (2006?) we moved away and rented out our house. The tenants paid for a gardener who used a weed whacker that killed a couple of trees and stunted … Continue reading

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Almost Lost an Egg

Recently I went to let the chickens out at 7 AM (the sun comes up at a much more socially acceptable hour since we went on summer time). Rosie and Isabel were pacing by the gate but Bronwyn was still … Continue reading

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