Planting for Summer

The last couple of days have been spent preparing for some summer crops. With Frank’s new beds ready to go, I had the space I needed. Up went supports for the cucumbers and the cuke seeds went in the ground. Beside them dwarf bush beans were sown.

The next bed – the one that until recently held peas, lettuce and rocket – was due for some brassicas (I’m doing at least some crop rotation). In went my broccoli  (sown late August) and kohlrabi plus one sort of tragic looking row of spring onions. (Kohlrabi and spring onions sown in early Sept). I see why it is recommended to sow spring onions in the bed where they are to grow – they aren’t substantial enough to transplant confidently. Or at least they look way too fragile to me. Time (as always) will be the final judge.

These plants should be growing through summer. Fingers crossed I can keep them alive when the sun is at its fiercest. I’m spreading thick layers of mulch everywhere and hope to avoid shade cloth. But it’s the insects that really worry me. I don’t use pesticides and so often feel the deck is stacked against me. I’ve planted a few marigolds throughout my broccoli and kohlrabi – we’ll see if the companion planting helps.

Broccoli with French Marigold companion planting



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