Mulberry Cobbler

I was raised in Seattle where blackberries are endemic. That’s where I learnt how to make blackberry cobbler. Which, of course, is the same recipe for anything cobbler. So it’s not surprising that when I find myself with a fresh bowl of mulberries from my tree every day, I pull out the recipe and give it a go.

Here’s my tried-and-true cobbler recipe:

1) Put into a bowl:

– 1/2 cup cold butter

– 1 cup flour (I mixed 1/2 cup of flour and 1/2 cup of my almond meal)

– 1 cup sugar (or any quantities in the .5-1-1 ratio)

2) Cut together ingredients (either with a pastry cutter or with 2 knives slicing alongside each other in opposite directions – see photo).

3) When the butter is in small pieces, mix with bare hands until crumbly. Each person has their own preference for the size of the crumbles. I like a lot of grain sized bits mixed with some larger lumps.

4) Pour berries into a pie pan and dust with sugar and flour then gently stir the dry ingredients around to coat the berries. The amount of dry ingredients depends on how sweet your berries are (and how sweet you like them) and how wet they are. You can withhold the sugar totally but I’d always add a bit of flour or you can end up with some really runny purple liquid in the bottom of your cobbler.

5) Cover berries with crumble mix. I find it difficult to add too much crumble as it is so tasty.

6) Bake at 180 C until berries bubble and the crumble is golden brown (20 mins?).

7) Let cool slightly before serving so that the berries firm up a bit.

This can be served with whipped cream and / or ice cream but I prefer my cobbler straight up with a spoon!

About Laura Rittenhouse

I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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6 Responses to Mulberry Cobbler

  1. Max says:

    My mouth is watering! Makes me want to plant more Mulberry trees. Do you know what type of mulberries you have?

    • I think it is the black mulberry (Morus nigra). But I call it Grace’s mulberry since she gave us a small tree that had self seeded in her garden. I’ve taken a few cuttings to propagate my own orchard (they strike very easily – or they did for me). It would be impossible to have too many so my advice is, if you have the space, plant more!!!!

  2. Coop Poop says:

    That looks delicious!!

  3. J.R. says:

    Um, I think there might be a tiny problem here. The recipe tells measures for the other ingredients, but not for the mulberries. Is the bowl mentioned in the caption a cup, pint, quart, or the gallon my spouse accuses me of using for cereal? We need to use a huuuuuuge amount of berries.

    • Ah, you spotted the intentional error. Just testing to see if anyone really was reading 🙂

      I guess it was maybe 3 cups of berries. Honestly, you can use as many as you’d like. The topping covers a 9 inch pie plate and you can have deep berries or shallow berries depending on your harvest.

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