Cat Nap

Do chickens take cat naps? They certainly do when all is right with their world.

When I first got my chooks I never saw them sleep. I sort of figured chickens slept all night and partied all day.

All 3 chickens napping behind the chicken barricade

The first time I caught Bronwyn closing her eyes I was worried the poor thing was sick. Now I come upon them napping all the time. Or, more accurately  they come upon me and nap. They frequently find me in the garden, wander on over and hunker down. Or, as in this case, seek me out in the house and get as close to me as they can (my barricade is working a treat), chuckle a little then sit, preen and snooze.

Bronwyn senses my presence and checks me out

They never close their eyes for long – by long I mean a minute – and rarely do they tuck their head under their wings, so when I see a real nap (lasting 90 seconds with head tucked) I assume they are perfectly contented, feel safe and are happy. It makes my day.

All three girls catching some z’s in the dappled sun on my back stairs


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10 Responses to Cat Nap

  1. I worked from home today and I see my chickens napping right beside the sliding glass doors where they know I emerge from, often with treats.

  2. Seasonsgirl says:

    Our “ladies” nap a little. I love the shots you got of your girls napping though they are great 🙂

    • My girls are in such a safe environment but they never seem to be able to relax enough to get a really good nap. Every noise: wind in the bushes, an aeroplane or, heaven forbid, a bird squawk – causes them to look around as if a fox is stalking them. I’m sure it is the work of evolution and that it keeps the gene pool going, but it looks pretty exhausting to me. Which is why I love it when I actually catch them sleeping.

  3. I think your chooks are so happy and contented 🙂

  4. vuchickens says:

    They are so pretty! I haven’t caught mine napping in the open since they were chicks, I guess they also always want to keep one eye on the hawks flying overhead. They do take a lot of dirt baths, though, burrowing into whatever dirty patches they can find, very tightly together, like they are trying to get cozy.

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