Interrupted Bath

Don’t you just hate it when someone bangs on the door just when you’ve settled in for a good, long soak in the tub? I don’t think Bronwyn has that same attitude.

One day, a day like any other, I went out of the back door and the girls came to see what I was doing. Did I have yoghurt? Was I going to do some fun digging? Maybe I’d rake a pile of leaves which they could un-rake? As I was doing none of the above, I was less than interesting to my chickens. But still, the damage had been done. Their previous activities had been interrupted.

I’m not sure what Rosie and Isabel had been up to but I’m certain that Bronwyn had been taking a dust bath. I know this because she forgot to towel off (aka shake her tail feathers). She must have been carrying around a kilo of dirt for 5 minutes before she did a good shake and deposited top soil on my grass.

This just-washed style is not a good look for Bronwyn. It’s kind of tragic since she normally has such nice, fluffy, bum feathers.

Here she is on a good-hair day. She’s the one in the middle. Isn’t that better?


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4 Responses to Interrupted Bath

  1. vuchickens says:

    That little ruffled bum is hilarious! I think their fluffy bottoms are so darn cute!!!

    • I used to think of naked feet when I thought of chickens. That was before I had some of my own. Now it’s all about the bum. That is what you see most of as they hunt for nice things to eat. And you’re right, they are so darn cute!

  2. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself over this. Well actually chuckled out loud.

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