Can I Hope for a Mango?

Mango tree

We’ve had a mango tree for years. Unfortunately, shortly after planting it (2006?) we moved away and rented out our house. The tenants paid for a gardener who used a weed whacker that killed a couple of trees and stunted the others by ring barking them. All our trees showed no growth for the 3 years we were gone. And then it took them a couple of years to start growing again. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I loathe weed whackers. They are absolute tree killers. If you have to have one because you aren’t going to go on hands and knees cutting long grass (and you hate long grass) you have to put protective shields around your trees or risk really damaging them. Okay, I’ll step off of my soap box now.

This year the mango had lots of flowers and now, look, baby mangoes. Can I dare hope? Sydney is a bit far south for them and the tree is only about 2 metres high, but still…

Tiny mangoes on the tree

Avocado tree

What about my avocado? It came up from a seed in my compost with 2 others. I planted all 3 beside the house and this is the sole survivor. I didn’t treat this tree (and its sisters) well: no fertiliser, heavy soil, little sun; so the fact that one tree survived is a miracle. Last year it flowered like crazy then that darned possum started ring barking it and it really suffered. This year it’s looking good. And maybe is even showing signs of putting out tiny avocados. I’m hopeful, but not overly optimistic. Frank isn’t even convinced those little green bulbs are avocados, but he’s no expert either. As always, time will tell.

Tiny avocado on the tree


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7 Responses to Can I Hope for a Mango?

  1. wow wish we could grow fruit like that here!

  2. vuchickens says:

    Fresh mangos would be amazing! I hope you get some, and let us know how they are. I wish we could grow them here!

    • I’m not sure how long I have to wait but I guess it will be a few months before I can hope to brag about my baskets full of juicy and sweet mangoes (I’m being optimistic – don’t see why I shouldn’t 🙂 )

  3. They look like mangoes to me, and that looks like an avocado – I heard that avocados take seven years to bear fruit….

    • The avocado is about 8 years old so maybe it’s time! The mango is about the size of a pea and the avocado is a little bigger than a pin head. They have a lot of growing to do before they make a good snack, but they’ve got all summer to grow.

      Just when I think gardening is all about patience I look at my fruiting trees and patience is redefined. Not quite glacial-like, but close enough for my taste.

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