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First Full Day of Beekeeping

Yesterday was our first full bee day. Frank and I kitted up in full beekeeping gear in preparation for cleaning off the outside of the hives. Both of us wear boots, jeans and disposable painters coveralls (with handy elastic bands … Continue reading

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Honey Bees

Yesterday morning Frank and I went to the local beekeeping store and bought some basic tools and clothing for beekeepers. Yesterday afternoon Frank prepared a spot in our garden for 2 hives. Last night we picked up 2 beehives – … Continue reading

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Green Smoothie

Last weekend I took a class on raw foods. I had taken a different version of the same class a year ago. The instructor has lived for a decade without cooking her food (anything over 42 C starts to kill … Continue reading

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Interrupted Bath

Don’t you just hate it when someone bangs on the door just when you’ve settled in for a good, long soak in the tub? I don’t think Bronwyn has that same attitude. One day, a day like any other, I … Continue reading

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A Variety of Seedlings

After any number of winter and autumn sowings, I’ve ended up with a mixed bag of seedlings on my plant stand. Saturday was the day to put some/more/some more of them in the ground. The main desperation arose from the tomatoes … Continue reading

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Distressed Cabbage

My cabbage is very worried. And it has a right to be. It lives all alone, no garden bed to surround it, no other cabbages to commune with. The stress is causing it to lose part of many of its leaves. … Continue reading

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Palak Paneer

One of my all time favourite Indian recipes is Palak Paneer (puréed spinach and cheese). Which means it’s one of the Indian recipes we’ve tried at home and now, after a few goes, it’s one of our regulars. How could it … Continue reading

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First Poppy

I am over-the-top chuffed with my poppies. Last week I had my first flower. I know it’s silly to be so happy to see a flower that every Tom, Dick and Harry has growing in their garden, but I’ve struck … Continue reading

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End of the Kale

The kale’s been gone for a few weeks now. I’ve kept a couple of plants in the ground with the intention of harvesting seeds from them. These plants came from seeds from my organic gardening class so I knew I … Continue reading

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Fruit Flowers

I’ve got a few plants that produce fruit. Some of them are in bloom, some have already spent their flowers and some are stubbornly refusing to even enter the race. I never cease to be amazed at how there is … Continue reading

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