Passionate Whinge

Passion fruit Flower

About 2 weeks ago my husband was bemoaning the lack of passion fruit on our vine. We had a good showing of flowers, but very little fruit. After serious hunting we found 3. I must admit I was a little frightened myself – we’ve had some shockingly bad crops in the past.

Then, seemingly overnight, the vine is loaded with fruit.

Passion fruit on the vine

Once again my lack of patience caught me out. Me and my whinging hubby 🙂

Maybe I need to thank the bees. The vines pre-hive were nearly bare. Now there are more fruits than I’d care to try to count.

Passion fruit vine loaded with fruit


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11 Responses to Passionate Whinge

  1. gsrittenhouse says:

    Sande will be jealous. She loves passion fruit.

  2. spiceandmore says:

    Oh I must try planting passionfruit again in that case. We too had dismal success with it for a few years. But now with bees in the garden it could all be different. My son loves passionfruit and I hate paying the outrageous prices they sell for in Sydney!

    • I’m with you. I think passionfruit must be the most expensive food per kilo on the planet. When you open that large shell, there’s just a palm full of seeds and pulp, the rest is air. Which is why it’s always sold by the piece, not the kilo. Or am I being cynical.

      Yes, try planting it again. I think it varies year-to-year with the amount of rain, sun and pollinators. This year is a good one.

  3. Coop Poop says:

    The bounty of a sound and healthy eco-system! I love that you gave your bees some credit. I covet your fruit!!

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