Peeling Gum

Our little gum tree is becoming quite a mighty thing. At about 9 years old, it towers over the massive oak behind it in our neighbour’s garden and it’s finally spending some of its energy to get fat, not just tall.

This time of year it is especially lovely. It’s got all kinds of new spring growth at the end of every branch.

Sydney Red Gum

I especially like the ruffly look it gets as it sheds its bark. It’s making itself room to get nice and fat.

This tree is indigenous to the area which is why we planted it. I only hope it stops growing soon. If it reaches full height – which is probably double its current height (usually up to 25 m) I may have to give up growing vegetables because it will shade my whole garden. I didn’t have veggies when I planted it. I love it, find it beautiful, but fear it all the same.


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9 Responses to Peeling Gum

  1. ooo I do love a good nosey in your garden it’s so amazing! xx

  2. Oh I love any kind of peeling bark – that is a huge tree already! It is continuous battle to decide on having trees, but needing sunshine…

  3. Makes me feel like it’s summer again reading your blog. Everything here in England is autumnal, yard covered with leaves; cold crisp days (although this being England, quite a few cold,soggy days)….

    • Summer is pretty close now. No cold, soggy days for me for a while. I’m always happy to see summer peeping around the corner but I know on those sweltering days I’ll be longing for an English winter’s day.

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