One Native Raspberry

Native Raspberry

I can’t exactly claim a great raspberry harvest this year. In fact I’ve had exactly 1 berry from my native raspberry plant. And I didn’t even have that – I let Frank eat it.

The raspberry bush was a freebie at a backyard bush-tucker class I took last October. The plant has spread like crazy (a huge bonus and a real worry, both a the same time) but I didn’t see any flowers (obviously there was at least one) and haven’t been able to make a nice supply of jam from it.

I suspect the plant needs more direct sunlight than it gets. It’s in a side bed that is shaded by my healthy avocado tree (full of baby fruit) and it’s on the shady side of my fantastic passion fruit vine (full of green fruit) which means double the shade. I’m not sure what, if anything, I’ll do about this situation. I just don’t have a lot of sunny spots left in my garden and a plant that spreads as readily as this one could become a problem if I let it.

This year I’ll be content with my one berry. Next year I’ll have to think about it.


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