Humans are sooooo Stooopid

Only a stupid creature would build a fence around really tasty vegetables. My poor chickens can only watch in horror as we fortify and re-fortify the veggie patch. I wonder what they think. Probably that we have pea brains are there is no point in arguing with us.

So when Frank stops them from sticking their necks through the fence, leaning with all their weight to stretch it to its max and nibbling cucumber (their new favourite vegetable – until the next one comes along)…

… they wait until his back is turned (chasing Bronwyn who was first back at the fence) and continue. What else can they do with such stupid a creature? They can only hope that if they ignore him, he’ll go away.


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I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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4 Responses to Humans are sooooo Stooopid

  1. Coop Poop says:

    Cucumber? They haven’t tried that yet… Poor chickens…

    • Yes, cucumber. The leaves are kind of fuzzy so I was sure the chickens wouldn’t like it (shows how much I know). They turned their nose up at squash leaves a few months ago so I was sure they wouldn’t like cukes (shows how much I know).

      My cunning plan has been to plant things the chooks don’t like nearest the fence. So far rocket, basil and chillies have proven great candidates and the chooks never break into the veggies at those points. But when something tempting (cukes, corn, kale) is near the fence they start off sticking their heads through then eventually jump on the wobbly chicken wire and break into the veggies (or at least Bronwyn does). The battle is on!

  2. Love your pictures and I knew Bronwyn would be the first back at the fence! I hope your cunning plan of planting veges they don’t like close to the edge, works.

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