Best Salad Ever


I have no idea why I liked this salad so much, I just did. I’ve been eating salads almost daily for quite a while since my garden is overwhelming me, but this one was a meal and tasty and it really hit the spot. I want one every day for the next month.

An advert for a cooking show has been flashing past the TV screen lately (I almost never watch TV live and FF through all ads) and a scene of someone breaking into a runny, poached egg sitting atop a pile of greens catches my eye every time. Hubby said “that’s a Ceasar salad” (I don’t know that CSs have poached eggs on them but I’m game to go along with his assertion in this case). I said, “then make me one” (he does 99% of the meal prep – ain’t I lucky).

So he did. We picked every variety of greens we have going (Mazuna, Chinese mustard, bok choi, lettuce and I can’t remember what else), he made crutons from my home made sourdough bread, he poached 2 eggs laid in the morning by Isabel and Rosie (he declared Bronwyn’s too big), he grated large flakes of Parmesan cheese, and piled it all onto 2 plates. He then drizzled a simple dressing of balsamic vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lemon and olive oil with salt and pepper on top of it all.

Wow! I could eat this every day.


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6 Responses to Best Salad Ever

  1. Oh that looks yummy. I can only imagine what an egg laid that morning would taste like. I really really don’t like my eggs runny though….

    • I love runny eggs so I get a real joy knowing how fresh and pure they are coming from my happy, healthy girls. That said, we do use a lot of hard boiled eggs in salads (3 eggs a day get used in just about every way imaginable) and this salad would be good (just not great 🙂 ) with a hard boiled egg.

  2. vuchickens says:

    Sounds amazing! I love poached eggs. I’ve made eggs benedict a couple of times so far with my girls’ eggs and they make a pretty incredible hollandaise sauce!

    • To make heavenly eggs benedict with hollandaise sauce for 2 people takes about 7 eggs. I have to get out and crack the whip when I plan that scrumptious brekkie 🙂

      • vuchickens says:

        Yeah, I know. I don’t do it unless we haven’t eaten eggs in several days for some reason (not very typical with my 2 egg loving children).

        • I just thought I loved eggs before. Now I find I am eating them in every way imaginable and seriously loving them. If I had kids I’m sure we’d have squabbles over who got Bronwyn’s egg (they are simply huge) for breakfast. Thank goodness Frank is always happy to let me be the glutton (when it comes to eggs anyway) so we have domestic bliss.

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