Tasty Tomatoes

I don’t have any personal experience in this – my tomatoes aren’t ripe yet – but I have it on good authority that they are really tasty!!!!

IMG_9881 IMG_9885

I specifically planted only cherry tomatoes this year (I did leave 2 volunteer plants to do their thing – one is producing big tomatoes). I avoided large tomato varieties because I’ve heard that cherry tomatoes aren’t as prone to suffer from the myriad of pests (especially fruit fly) that attack other tomatoes. Last year I got some early tomatoes then the rest were lost (mainly to fruit fly but also to leaf mould). Between the variety I chose and my zealous companion planting of basil and marigold in amongst the tomatoes, I knew I had come up with a cunning plan to gain a great tomato harvest! After closer inspection of the gorgeous tomatoes that cover my healthy plants, I’m not convinced my plan is working; maybe they’re just too tasty for their own good 😦


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16 Responses to Tasty Tomatoes

  1. Oh gosh – caught in the act….I would get out the garlic chili spray.

  2. You think that will work? I suppose it’s worth a try. Right now I am in a state of despair so maybe a shot of vodka then the garlic chilli spray 😮

  3. I’ve never seen anything like them! I must admit that my curiosity would mean I’d have to put a few eaten tomatoes in a box with the culprits to see what they became. I suppose they will turn into butterflies in about a month.

  4. I think that Bronwyn would like that green wormlike thing

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