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Home Grown vs Store Bought

One of the major reasons people like to grow their own vegetables is the taste. Home grown is supposed to blow you away after a lifetime of eating worn out store bought vegetables. And I must confess that sometimes it … Continue reading

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Second Honey Harvest

It’s a miracle – or a freak of nature. Five weeks after harvesting all the honey out of my 2 hives, it was time to harvest again. The only logical explanation is that it has been an amazing spring. We … Continue reading

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One of the reasons I got in to gardening was that it’s reportedly a relaxing activity. Things go at the pace Mother Nature sets and trying to rush that or slow it down to suit your own timeline is pointless … Continue reading

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Tasty Tomatoes

I don’t have any personal experience in this – my tomatoes aren’t ripe yet – but I have it on good authority that they are really tasty!!!! I specifically planted only cherry tomatoes this year (I did leave 2 volunteer … Continue reading

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Best Salad Ever

I have no idea why I liked this salad so much, I just did. I’ve been eating salads almost daily for quite a while since my garden is overwhelming me, but this one was a meal and tasty and it … Continue reading

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Potato Harvest

I have sorely mistreated some potatoes in my garden. They started out as kitchen surplus, they were planted in late April which is absolutely the wrong time of year (they should be planted in August or September), then the poor … Continue reading

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Queen Excluder Cleanup

Whenever we separate the brood box from the super in our hives we have to deal with the queen excluder. This is a wire mesh (in our case, it can also be plastic) that has gaps big enough for worker … Continue reading

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Yesterday, December 1st, was the first official day of summer here in Australia. And it arrived with one of those unpleasant summer days: partly cloudy, drizzle and heat (36 C / 97 F) and awful humidity. I found it uncomfortable … Continue reading

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Garden Vegetables & Cous Cous Salad with Ham

Jamie Oliver has a series on TV right now where he prepares 2 – 15 minute meals in a half-hour segment (I feel honour-bound to clarify that this does NOT include the time to harvest or buy the food and clean up afterwards … Continue reading

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