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Compost is the BEST

Frank recently started the long process of sieving the compost by removing a bunch of leaves and fresh matter from the top of our compost heap. The chickens saw what he was doing (they see EVERYTHING) but didn’t pay much … Continue reading

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Ex-Tropical Cyclone Oswald

Australia’s being hit by (yet) a(nother) force of nature. While the bushfires still tear through great swathes of land, a tropical cyclone makes landfall, quickly turns into a low, but does not go away. It takes it’s time moving down … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason I Love My Garden

A friend phoned a couple of days ago and asked Hubby and me over for a dip in their pool and a relaxing evening at their place. With little effort we decided they’d BBQ some chicken and make the satay sauce … Continue reading

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Summer Garden Work

The garden continues to tick over, but it’s not producing as well as it was a month ago. Mid-summer is a hard time in gardens in Sydney. But I think it’s partly my fault for sowing everything in a manner … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News

After our unsettling discovery that something was amiss with queen 1, Frank and I geared up and went down to our hives like costumed super-heroes armed with smoker and hive tool (rather than really useful equipment like x-ray goggles and stretchy … Continue reading

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One of My Queens is in Trouble

On Monday we opened our hives to do a general inspection. They looked and behaved like healthy bee colonies from the outside but you really have to get inside a hive to know what’s going on. We wanted to make … Continue reading

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Braised cucumbers with Honey

Robbing the Bees by Holley Bishop is a self-proclaimed biography of honey. It’s full of a lot of interesting historical bits and a lot of modern-day honey-stuff as well. It also has a bunch of recipes that the author has … Continue reading

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Just Checkin’

The whir of the food processor continues to excite our chickens. They all understand the link between that food processor sound and their upcoming treats. All 3 move in close to the back door so that they’ll be ready to … Continue reading

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Seek and ye shall find

Or maybe I should have titled this post “be careful what you ask for”. Emily Heath found my blog (I’m thinking that was via another blog we both follow rather than the result of some random search term) which made me … Continue reading

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The State of Play in the Bees’ World

I’m a bit bee-crazy these days (don’t drop the “bee” in that sentence please). I read books, check-out blogs, watch my hives and live in a state of awe over these amazing little critters. In Australia we’re very lucky to … Continue reading

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