Just Checkin’

The whir of the food processor continues to excite our chickens. They all understand the link between that food processor sound and their upcoming treats. All 3 move in close to the back door so that they’ll be ready to trip up follow closely whoever carries out their treat plates.

Even better than clustering at the back door is clustering in the house at the kitchen door – or going into the kitchen if you’re fast enough.

But you’re never fast enough because, as a chook, it’s physically impossible to be excited about a) the upcoming treat and b) sneaking in past the chicken-gate, without making a lot of noise.IMG_0921-001

Not that it matters, if the treat plates are going outside, you’re going outside!


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8 Responses to Just Checkin’

  1. Adorable! Yesterday Hilda finally plucked up the courage to follow Helen inside. I think Hannah Hen was puffing herself up and the house was their escape!

    • I hope my chickens never feel too “safe” in my house – it’s hard enough keeping them out when they’re just checkin’ things out. They generally make a quick exit if I catch them sneaking in because they know I’ll touch (shock horror) their precious selves if they don’t skeedaddle. But I guess in this case the whir of that food processor was worth the risk of a human touch.

  2. Linda says:

    Adorable, but so bad! Lol. Hard to imagine chickens getting like this…I usually imagine it as a practice reserved for a dog or cat or something similar! Guess I don’t give them enough credit.

    • They are bad and I try to explain this to them but my lectures typically send them into a frenzy of preening.

      You should give chickens a lot of credit, they are bright and very independent considering they’re flock animals. Mainly they’re cute and fun.

  3. That is hilarious! I love it!

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