Happy Anniversary Girls

My chickens when they were pullets

My chickens when they were pullets

I don’t know when my chickens were born. I’m guessing it was on or about December 2, 2011, but that really is a guess and the exact date doesn’t matter all that much to me. The date that does matter to me (and I hope to them) is the date we brought them into our backyard and our lives. That was March 23, 2012. So, as of Saturday, Frank and I have officially broken out of novice-chicken-wrangler stage and can now claim some level of chook-knowledge. Not a huge amount of knowledge mind you, but enough to feel pretty comfortable around chickens and their silly ways.


In the past year there have been a lot of highs (those first eggs, those adorable personalities) and a few lows (the odd health scare, Bronwyn breaking into the vegetable patch again… and again… and again… ). But, on balance, they’ve been a great addition to our lives. They are 90% pets and 10% food producers. They are 90% sweethearts and 10% pests. They are 90% funny and 10% frustrating. Statistics don’t lie, they are great to have around.


By my calculation we’ve collected over 900 eggs from our 3 girls in the past year which has improved our health, saved us some money (maybe not quite paying their set-up and running costs yet, but close), delighted our friends, connected us a bit more with the environment, and inspired a lot of experimentation in the kitchen. All more than I hoped for when I bought my little egg factories. Seriously, if that was all my chooks gave me, I’d be happy. But, of course, they’ve given me so much more. I love their companionship, their quirky natures and their personalities. This affection and joy came as a total surprise.


After one year of caring for these darling creatures I am glad I took the plunge and don’t even mind that everyone (including me) now thinks of me as some mad chicken-lady. There are worse monikers to be lumbered with.



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8 Responses to Happy Anniversary Girls

  1. pattigail says:

    I have only had my girls since May 22 but I agree completely! It is not just the eggs…..it is the sheer delight they bring. I love my girls! Glad to know I am not alone. Patti

  2. vuchickens says:

    That’s so great! Happy Anniversary to you all! 🙂

  3. Happy anniversary to you all. X

  4. I love the photo of them sticking their necks through the chicken wire!

    • Yeah, it’s really funny to watch but not quite so funny when you see the destruction they leave behind. I try now to plant things they don’t like next to the fence and keep the tasty stuff (the photo above was radishes) in the centre of the beds. So far it’s working but does make crop rotation a little more difficult.

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