Possum Box Update

We have installed 3 possum boxes on our property. The first was designed to be home to a sugar glider. No sugar glider moved in but a bee swarm did. That box is now positioned nice and low in the tree to make the next swarm easy to catch (they tend to swarm in the same spot every time). We’ve given up on sugar gliders.

Then there was the parrot box that possums adopted. We were pretty happy about that. I’ve never seen possums coming or going from that box since, but the possum, no doubt, prefers it that way.

The 3rd was a custom-made brushtail possum box. And look what we saw yesterday (no idea if it’s a ringtail or brushtail possum – don’t know, don’t care)!

Possum peeking out of his nest box

Possum peeking out of his nest box

It looks like we’ve done a good turn for the local fauna. Now if only they’d repay the favour and leave some of my fruit and vegetables for me to harvest!


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17 Responses to Possum Box Update

  1. Trying to build an equitable sharing arrangement with the local fauna seems to be a continual work in progress for me. If you can make that happen please share your keys to success.

  2. Max says:

    Check out what was just above your post on my blogging home page: http://soulsbyfarm.org/2013/04/13/fun-opossum-facts-and-video/
    A double Possum post day!

    • Or opossum day 🙂 Yep, saw your post and your video. I personally think my possum is cuter than your opossum but maybe I’m biased.

      • Max says:

        Oops I misworded that. Not my opossum, that was on my reading list of blogs I follow. It was right before your post. What’s the chances? Two bloggers half a world apart both righting about possums at the same time.

  3. It’s going to be even tougher to get angry about the missing produce now she’s nesting in your nest box and is part of the family.

  4. LasTunasFarm says:

    Cute! Great idea about catching the bee swarm. I’ve never thought to do that!

    • I was lucky they were lazy (or clever) enough to pick a spot to swarm right next to their hive that was so easy to reach. May they long make the same choice (or, better yet, not swarm again).

  5. Your “possum”s look so much cuter than ours.

  6. I personally think you are attracting the wrong creatures to your garden – I hate to think how the possum grapevine right now is spreading the word about all the veggies going free, plus they give you little free houses. Don’t say i didn’t warn you!

    • 🙂 After losing the battle with our local bandicoot you’d think I’d be hardened to more defeats. Of course you’re right, if I make houses for them, I really am my own worst enemy. But they’re so cute….

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