Bountiful Bananas

Bananas actually don’t have a season. The plant will throw a spear at any time of the year. This means you never know when you’ll get bananas which only adds to the thrill of a good harvest.

For whatever reason (I like to think it’s my green thumb and a lot of chook poo tea), we have 3 bunches of bananas on our plants right now.

Banana plants with 3 bunches of bananas

Banana plants with 3 bunches of bananas

I think we’ll be eating bananas for the next several months – probably about 30 kilos worth of fruit. All we have to do is cut a hand off one of the spears, one at a time, put it in a plastic bag with an apple for a few days and we have yummy, ripe bananas. The rest of the bunch doesn’t seem to be affected by losing a hand off the bottom so we don’t need to pick more than we can eat each week.

Ripe banana hand cut from one of my banana spears

Ripe banana hand cut from one of my banana spears

A steady stream of perfectly ripe bananas – wow, I’ll never get tired of that!


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23 Responses to Bountiful Bananas

  1. How fabulous, your little bananas look delicious

    • They are. And they’re a really good size for a snack or to slice on cereal. The huge ones you get at stores these days are ridiculously huge and I will often only eat half of one. With mine, one normally does the trick but I don’t hold back if I want a second!

  2. That is awesome! We definitely cant grow bananas here. It must be so wonderful to have a steady flow of bananas right from your garden!

    • People say we’re a bit far south for bananas – they really are tropical – but we’ve planted ours against a fence and they get great sun, especially in the afternoon, and I think that is enough to get them through. Whatever it is, they clearly are happy even if they aren’t in the tropics.

  3. vuchickens says:

    yummy! and they are so cute!

  4. That is a clever idea to cut then hands off as you need them. we don’t have room for bananas, although our neighbors grow them, and of course the banana farm down the road.

    • They don’t take up that much room, certainly not relative to what they produce. My sweet corn takes up as much space and I get a few measly ears of corn for my thanks! And I love the looks of the banana – it looks like an ornamental plant and gives me wonderful fruit in the bargain. I hope to always have a few of them around. But maybe if I had your lychee tree bananas would be easy to do without!

  5. Interesting bits of information; I am always looking for new things to try to grow. It would be challenging for me, but looks interesting.

    • I don’t think you have a hope in Seattle. If the temp gets below freezing the plant will die. But maybe against a protected stone wall that gets a lot of sunshine if the weather is mild?

  6. Those bananas look really good. I thought there would be a banana season like any other fruits but perhaps all tropical fruits are less seasonal? Certainly it is really good to be able to ripen and eat them as needed rather than having to think of ways to preserve them.

    • It could be it’s tropical nature, it could also be that it’s more a herb than a tree. Add to that the fact that each plant produces one spear of fruit then dies and I guess everything is a bit odd about growing bananas.

      • Another amazing fact about bananas! How long did it take for your banana tree to produce the fruit?

        • Maybe 3 years??? I can’t really remember. We bought 3 plants that were quite small. We now have maybe 10. The new plants grow up as pups from the parent so when the parent dies, the babies keep going. It means the plant will kind of march across the yard over the years. At some point we’ll have to dig up the babies and move them back where we want them I suppose.

          I’ve been trying to keep track (and failing) of when I first see a shoot to when I harvest bananas. I am thinking it is probably 3-5 years. I suspect it’s less in warmer climates. Anyway, after the first few years we now have enough plants at different maturities so that we’re getting a good supply and it looks like the future will be the same.

  7. Emily Heath says:

    Oh to live in a place with bananas!

  8. that is amazing, enjoy them. xxxxx

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