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The Possum’s Okay

The plan was to return to the farm after 5 days, but, as is often the case, things didn’t go according to plan and our return was delayed by a week. Which was no big deal for me but quite … Continue reading

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We’re Moving!

Goodbye suburbia, hello open spaces. Frank and I have accepted the role of caretakers for 18 acres of land owned by the Wheen Bee Foundation in Richmond. This property is about 1 hour west of Chatswood, where we’ve lived for the … Continue reading

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Moulting Chickens

Well, I can only assume my chickens have moulted, or maybe they’re still moulting a bit. The evidence isn’t as overwhelming as I anticipated. Over the past couple of months, we’ve found a few feathers every day in the garden … Continue reading

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They’re fine and now ready for winter

My bees gave me a bit of a scare recently, but all is well. Hive 1 is amazing and the workers zoom in and out as if it’s spring-time rather than autumn – with major honey stores to prove it. Hive 2 … Continue reading

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Monstera Fruit

I have a couple of large Monstera plants in my back yard. Besides producing gorgeous, huge foliage in dark places in my garden, they also bear some of the tastiest fruit I’ve ever eaten. I suspect that’s why it’s sometimes … Continue reading

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First Season Honey Harvests

Brag alert! This post is all about my fantastic honey harvests. I’m unashamedly blowing my own horn while modestly giving a nod to my hard-working bees who actually did all the work. To those of you who struggle with harsh … Continue reading

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Pest Control

My chickens are good at many things. Laying eggs is the obvious one. Being down right adorable is another. The 3rd, and less often praised talent that my chooks posses, is as pest controllers. On more than one occasion, I’ve watched … Continue reading

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Recycled Fencing

Last year we had our back fence replaced. It was totally decrepit but it had been made of hardwood palings (granted, over 1/2 century ago) and some of that wood was still “useable”. At least after a bit of work. … Continue reading

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Queens, Princesses, Assassinations, Coronation, Abdication and Other Royal Chaos

On Monday we checked our hives. Hive 1 is fine. The other 2 are a worry. The requeening of Hive 3, done 16 days prior, seems to have taken. 2 bits of evidence supporting this are: The 2 emergency cells (example … Continue reading

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Lizard Sanctuary

Recently I went on a free workshop held by my local council. The intent was to raise awareness of the plight of lizards and other reptiles in suburbia. Like many native animals, they are suffering loss of habitat and falling … Continue reading

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