Foraging for Dinner

Out on the farm we are half-camping with minimal supplies to keep us going. There’s a nice flat on the property but we don’t want to move too much in because we’ll just have to move it out when the house is ready to occupy. Which is no real reason to be short of food, yet still, we haven’t stocked the kitchen with much. But Frank’s a great cook and has been feeding us well off some pretty basic ingredients.

Recently we looked around the property and figured we’d forage for our dinner. The rose garden is a Sleeping-Beauty-like mass of weeds, many of which are actually cherry tomato plants.


Wild tomato plants

The pecan orchard is dropping nuts by the bushel.

Pecans on the tree

Pecans on the tree

Those seemed like a great start to our newly created Tomato and Pecan Pasta recipe:

IMG_3125 IMG_31221) Saute in butter:

  • 1/2 onion
  • 1 clove garlic

2) Sprinkle with fresh oregano and thyme (thankfully, one of the first things we moved was some pots of herbs and seedlings – I’m not going without a garden all winter!)

3) Add 1 cup cherry tomatoes and 1/4 cup crushed pecans then simmer for 10 minutes until the tomatoes are soft and starting to burst

4) Pour in 1/2 cup coconut cream and continue simmering until warmed through – about 5 minutes

5) Serve over pasta


Wow! Seriously, this could be a signature dish at any Michelin restaurant.


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10 Responses to Foraging for Dinner

  1. Ed says:

    What are some good resources to learn how to forage? I’ve been interested in learning lately to add fun to hikes.

    • I don’t know of any good resources, we just harvest what we recognise. My husband spent a lot of time in the forest foraging as a kid, he even was a certified mushroom hunter, so he’s my real resource. But, like you, I’d like to do more of it. I know there are a lot of leaves and grasses that make good stir fries but I’m not sure what’s what. If you find a good resource, I’d love it if you pass it on.

  2. gosh I would never have thought of mixing nuts in with tomatoes. The power of invention! Have you move your chooks over to the new place? a couple of eggs every day sounds like a great deal to me.

    • I wouldn’t have thought of that mix either – just opportunity knocking!

      The chooks are still back in Chatswood – we go back on weekends and spoil them rotten. During the week the neighbour is caring for them and collects 3 eggs a day as payment. I’m feeling the lack of eggs, I want my girls back!!! But I don’t want to move them until we are here full time – we don’t have anyone in Richmond (yet) to look in on them.

  3. That’s an unusual combination of ingredients!! Glad it worked out well. Fancy all those little tomatoes growing wild, when you think what we have to do over here to make them grow!!!

    • I would have never tried that combination if we had a full larder or if they weren’t falling like manna from heaven but boy am I glad I did. Seriously we’ll make this again even if we have other options.

      Back in Chatswood our tomatoes died out ages ago and the ones I planted never did nearly as well as these wild ones. I’m taking that to mean this river valley is really really fertile – woo hoo!

  4. Mouthwatering recipes – now if I can find the ingredients in my local supermarket to do them justice!

    • I’ve never bought pecans before because they’re really expensive here. Which makes me love them all the more. I’m sure you can find them, but are they worth the price? I’ve always used walnuts as a substitute and have to admit walnuts are pretty good as well (but not AS good).

  5. vuchickens says:

    Yummy!!! I’ll have to try this. I love pecans, and just tried throwing them in some pesto the other day for the first time… great minds think alike. 😉

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