I’m a Farmer

Well, it’s happened. I have become a farmer. Or at least in my own mind.

It’s not about land, it’s not about crops, it’s not about animals, it’s all about the toys.

On the farm we have a cherry picker, 2 tractors, 2 utes, a zero-turn-radius mower, a leaf blower, 2 chain saws, a trailer, a mulcher, an air compressor, a generator, oh gosh, the list goes on and on. I’m a city girl (or at least a suburban one) and so the biggest piece of equipment I’ve had to manage in the past was a flymo. Now I’m surrounded by powerful and mildly intimidating pieces of stinky, noisy metal. But it takes more than a pull cord to daunt this little lady. I’ve done it, I’ve put my toe in the water. I lassoed myself a mower and lookee!

Laura and her mower

Laura and her mower

Freshly mowed lawn

Freshly mowed lawn

Then I decided it was time to get to mulching. My mower has a convenient little tow bar on the back, perfect for my cute little trailer.

Mower, trailer and mulcher - my farming toys - err, tools

Mower, trailer and mulcher – my farming toys – err, tools

Oh yeah, I’m a farmer alright. If the toys aren’t enough to define me as such, check out my outfit – work gloves, safety glasses, ear protectors, steel-toed boots and a very stylish pair of overalls.

Off to the compost with my load of mulch

Off to the compost with my load of mulch

About Laura Rittenhouse

I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: www.laurarittenhouse.com for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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16 Responses to I’m a Farmer

  1. Glenn Rittenhouse says:

    I am really impressed. Happy to see you are wearing the proper safety gear. I don’t want my little girl getting hurt. I’m thrilled for you with your new adventure.

  2. Glenn Rittenhouse says:

    I never wore hearing protection and now even with the best hearing aids money can buy, I still have a big problem hearing.

  3. Looks as though you are settling in rather well.

  4. karen says:

    You have a chipper!!! I have wanted one for a year. Too expensive. I still have to pay to have all of our limbs and twigs hauled off… I’m envious of your tools – not of your outfit….
    My farmer sister!!!

    • We did a lot of research and bought a good chipper, not a cheap one. I never thought to check into having someone come and haul it all away. Out here in the country, I probably would have been laughed out of town. I’m already getting the reputation for being a city slicker for not just burning everything.

  5. I’m envious of all your new toys!! My hubby wants a tractor but so far all I have bought him is a mug with one on!!

    • I haven’t yet been brave enough to even start the tractor. I’m not sure what I’d do with one. We do have a huge field that once grew oats but I don’t think I’ll be ploughing that. Still, I’m glad I have one!

  6. vuchickens says:

    Wow! Looks like you’re having a lot of fun so far. πŸ™‚

  7. cohutt says:

    I protect my eyes and ears obsessively when the most basic of tools or equipment is used. I can hear and see very well @ 53 and don’t wish to let stupidity or carelessness impair either. I still have plenty of “stupid” and apply in other areas tho….
    My grass areas are so tiny that a would spin like a top on one of the ztr mowers. πŸ˜‰

    • I’m joining you in a couple of months at that glorious 53 with good (ish) ears and eyes…. well, I do need glasses to see anything within arm’s reach, but otherwise my eyes are perfect and I want to keep them that way.

      I hated mowing when I had a garden that would have my ztr spinning like a top, now it’s heaps of fun. Until it becomes just another chore which I hope is months away.

  8. Excellent mower! We have a ride-on lawnmower but being vertically challenged my feet don’t quite meet the accelerator pedal, so no mowing for me 😦

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