They Missed Me

I’m pretty sure my chickens miss me when I’m gone. For the past few weeks I’ve been spending about 5 days a week on the farm. When I come home, the chickens tend to call me (a sort of whine) until I either come down and sit with them or until I let them come and sit next to me at the top of the stairs. Each time I return, until I spend 15 minutes or so right next to them, they will keep whining. As soon as I spend the time with them, things go back to normal in the garden.

This past week I’ve been gone for 8 days. Frank came home early to do some things in Chatswood while I stayed taking care of a few things on the farm. I wondered if this would make a difference. Well, I got home yesterday, just at sunset, and watched the girls waddle into their coop. Today, they started up their whine again. I asked Frank if they’d done that when he returned and he said no. They know I’m here, they hear my voice, they call, I call back and this went on until I opened the back door and sat at the top of the steps.

All 3 chooks came up the stairs (Rosie raced in and had to be chased out). They sat and pecked at my clothes for a while. (I assume this is a sign of affection or grooming or something because they do it a lot and I don’t have that much edible on my clothing!)


Almost immediately, Bronwyn hunkered down for a nap.


Then, maybe 10 minutes later, they waddled away. Reunion complete, all is right in their little world.


Sorry, I am smitten by these birds and it’s nice to think maybe they feel a little bit the same.


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8 Responses to They Missed Me

  1. Emily Heath says:

    That’s really sweet! When I come home my cat whines for food. Once this demand has been fulfilled, he jumps on the bed and calls until I come and stroke him for a bit. I’m sure animals feel affection too.

    • I think flock and pack animals get dependent on other creatures they see as part of their group. I’m head chook with my girls. The fact that your cat, a lone animal, misses you means you’re doing something right there!

  2. Oooh pure love – how sweet! They are going to get really excited when they get to move with you.

  3. Lovely dear sweet chooks. I bet you miss them when you’re at the farm.

  4. They certainly miss you. It seems amazing but birds do recognise individuals.

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