We’re Here

We’re Here!


“Here” being the farm in Richmond I’ve been going on (and on) about in recent posts.

The chooks made the move with little trouble. Unless you count the fact that Rosie was in a big cardboard box in the back of our station wagon at the time she wanted to lay – so she didn’t lay. As a result, the next morning she was one uncomfortable chicken. About lunchtime a large, oddly coloured egg showed up on the ground (not good enough for the nest box, one presumes) and thereafter, all was right in the chook pen.

The chickens supervise the re-construction of their coop at the farm

The chickens supervise the re-construction of their coop at the farm

The cat  also made the move with little trouble. Okay, he was scared witless – but silently so. We locked him in the bathroom at the farm until the movers left when we found him cowering under the toilet. We coaxed him out and he did a bit of investigation and then cowered for the next 5 hours behind a box on the floor of the pantry (preventing me from unpacking anything in the pantry and scaring him even more witless). When it got dark (and he got hungry) he crept out, ate and then sat on my lap. He slept in our bed that night (and every night since) and has spent the days sleeping and staring out the window, wishing for a door to magically open so he could eat all those pretty little birds he sees outside. He needs a collar with a few dozen bells. We’re keeping him locked in for 2 weeks until we’re sure he’ll stick around home. We’re always going to lock him in at night to minimise the carnage to the local fauna.

Moving is exhausting work

Moving is exhausting work

The house is lovely, the boxes are slowly vanishing, the list of chores is steadily growing and I’ve barely ventured out the front door to look at the land for 3 days now. That’s next…


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10 Responses to We’re Here

  1. I remember all those boxes when we moved house, seemed to take ages to unpack them all. And our cats weren’t happy at the move either. I locked Tia in the bathroom and she disappeared behind the panel of the bath and I thought I had lost her, until dark when she appeared for food!!

    • Ah yes, food, the great motivator 🙂

      I can only assume, since you are writing in the past tense, that it is actually possible to finish unpacking – that gives me hope. Right now I’m sort of thinking a well-placed match might make my life a lot easier *sigh* back to it…

  2. Wow! Cant wait to see more, bet you will make it fabolous. Xxx

  3. Congratulations on your new place! I have moved a lot…A LOT…and my advice is don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Once the necessities were unpacked I would decide how many boxes I could handle in a day and still get normal life done. Usually it was 3. Then I would just aim to get those done each day and still live normal life. Sometimes I had time and did more, but I made sure to do at least those each day. It really helped me not feel overwhelmed and we were always unpacked within a reasonable amount of time.

    • Great approach. I’ve unpacked everything I need (until I can’t find something, that is) and the pressure is off. Tomorrow hubby and I are going to a little art market that’s on this weekend – something we wouldn’t have considered in the past couple of weeks so I know we’re settling.

  4. You must be so happy to be in one place and start enjoying settling in.

    • I am. It was making me a bit crazy to have lists of things to “finish” in 2 houses before the move could happen. At least now all my projects are in one place – one very big place.

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