Moving Ginger

As part of the move to the farm, Frank and I dug up and took cuttings from some of our Chatswood plants. I dug up all the ginger which was dying back and ready for harvest anyway. I kept a few clumps to eat and the rest were destined for the ground.


Ginger transported from Chatswood

I’m still not really ready for planting out a proper garden – I don’t have designated plant areas, but that’s not stopping me from putting things in the ground that are ready to go. Like the ginger. It had to go in the ground so I found a weedy spot and put it in (with a little help).


Getting a little help from my friends

I disrupted a well-worn track (please tell me this isn’t rats running between the pecan orchard and my house) on purpose when I planted.


Rat highway?

In addition to all that ginger, I did have 3 tiny little horseradish plants. What happened to the horseradish I planted back in 2010? It’s come up every year but it hasn’t exactly spread!


Tiny horseradish plant

Here’s how I positioned it all. I hope a good portion comes up in summer and I have a better harvest here than I did in Chatswood but, since it freezes here, I wouldn’t be surprised if the ginger goes on strike. Maybe the horseradish will thrive? It would be hard-pressed to do worse.


Planting the ginger


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2 Responses to Moving Ginger

  1. I’d love to have ginger in the garden. I don’t use it frequently and so I’d love to be able to pop out and dig some out when I needed it, but it is not hot enough here. I love your little feathered helper.

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