Evansia Iris

In my ongoing struggle to decide what is a weed, what is edible and what everything should be called on the farm, I spent a bit of time trying to identify this beauty. Not because I was in doubt (it clearly isn’t a weed) or hopeful (it obviously isn’t food) but just because it’s pretty. It appeared one day along the path to the front door. I have a funny suspicion that there are a bunch more of these flowers planted in the same bed so I’m anticipating quite the welcome home from this part of my garden.

Evansia Iris (or Iris Japonica)

Evansia Iris (or Iris Japonica)

Back to that struggle with identification. I confirmed that this is an Iris (hooray, that at least I got right). It seems to be a fringed or crested (or maybe frilled or lace) iris. And it’s definitely either an Evansia Iris or an Iris Japonica – or, quite possibly both. And it comes from Japan.

Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing? In just a few minutes I discovered all of this really fascinating stuff about a little flower in my front garden. Of course none of that is of any real value, but that doesn’t make it less interesting (to me and no one else – sorry).


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10 Responses to Evansia Iris

  1. Discovery is fun! It’s a beautiful Iris, Laura.

  2. cohutt says:

    Similar to my Iris tectorum, aka Japanese Roof Iris.

  3. vuchickens says:

    Very pretty! We also get to enjoy it vicariously through your photos. šŸ™‚

    • Ah yes, I get a “welcome home” and you get a “welcome to my blog” šŸ™‚ There are dozens of them opening up now. It’s such a beautiful little field in front of my house. The woman who planted them sure knew how to make a home bright.

  4. What a great find! I love Iris and usually prefer the plainer ones but that is a real beauty and not over frilly.

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