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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

We had a feather problem in our coop – Henny didn’t have any on her back (or shoulders). I mean NONE. From above, she looked like the proverbial Christmas Goose, ready for the oven. The top photo was taken in … Continue reading

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All Grown Up

He may not be quite all grown up, but yesterday Rusty turned 1. I’m not the type to celebrate human birthdays, much less animals, but I did take time (once I remembered) to buy him a special treat of a … Continue reading

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Winter White

It’s early winter here. I grew up in Seattle and there you could tell the season and even the month just by looking out your window. At this time of year (December, after northern hemisphere seasonal adjustment) the trees would … Continue reading

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Robbing Bees

Well, it’s happened. I’ve got robber bees in the apiary. I’m suspicious it’s not the first time, just the first time I realised something was amiss and put in the effort to figure out what was wrong. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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My Cat’s a Fire Hazard

Like all cats, Adler loves warmth. When the season started to move from summer (too hot even for a cat) into autumn, we started having the odd fire in our fireplace. With winter rolling in, the fires come almost every morning … Continue reading

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