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Nightmare Scenario!

I have chickens and I have a dog. That combination was tried and failed miserably in the past. We put a lot of effort into finding a dog that would make the combination more successful. Rusty had zero interest in … Continue reading

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Backyard Beekeeping vs Professional Beekeeping

A couple years ago, my husband and I became backyard beekeepers. Frank’s father had been a hobby/semi-professional beekeeper yonks ago so Frank had some idea what he was getting into, though that was a different hemisphere and a different generation. … Continue reading

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Dogs are Disgusting

I adore Rusty. He’s so loving and sweet and cute as a button. He knows how to have a good time – he loves toys! He’s bright enough to find the softest seat in the house. He knows how to … Continue reading

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Another One (Two Actually) Bites the Dust

A little over a month ago I posted about robbing bees. It turns out that a colony had died and so some of the cleverer bees from the other colonies took advantage of the gap (nature abhors a void) and … Continue reading

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Off Topic

This blog is about my garden (farm) and animals (dog, cat, chickens and bees) with a bit of cooking thrown in. It’s not about my writing, I have a website for that here. I keep the two separate but this … Continue reading

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Soup for Seven

A volunteer pumpkin vine sprung from the compost in autumn. It finally collapsed and the pumpkins needed harvesting before they rotted and/or were eaten by whatever eats pumpkins (rats and possums at least). I know exactly one thing to do with pumpkins, … Continue reading

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Tropical Chicken

No, this isn’t a recipe involving mangoes, this is one of those “what the?” posts. Overnight the temp got down to 0.2 C (which is near enough 32 F). Nothing froze (unless you count my feet) but it was coooolllld. … Continue reading

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