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This blog is about my garden (farm) and animals (dog, cat, chickens and bees) with a bit of cooking thrown in. It’s not about my writing, I have a website for that here. I keep the two separate but this post is the exception that proves the rule.

My 2nd novel has just been published (I can hear the fans cheering out my window as I type this – just kidding) and is also available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. This isn’t something that happens very often and so is monumental enough (to me) to cause the blurring of lines between my blog and my website.

My book’s called Life’s Journeys and was published, as was my first novel, Starting over, by Wings ePress. Wings is a small, independent US publisher. I’m grateful to them for publishing a totally unknown and unpopular Aussie author. For creating a cover for me, for providing me a couple of editors and for placing my work out there for my dad to buy (he’s my number 1 fan) and maybe one or 2 other people. I’m disappointed that the only print copies come from the US which means those of us living outside of North America have to spend as much on postage as on the book (that includes me) but, in the age of eReaders, that hurdle is becoming less of a problem (hooray).

Here’s what the book looks like (ain’t it lovely?). I’ve put the blurb from the back cover in-between the pics so you can actually read it.

Life's Journey - WEB 1Lifes Journeys Back Cover.jpgAt 29, Sophie’s future is clear, she’ll rise through the ranks to take the reins of an international conglomerate determined that neither mortal man nor corporate games can thwart her.

Not, anyway, until an international merger diverts her climb down a cul-de-sac where one hurdle too many provokes her to fight back.

Galleys are a nuisance, cats rule!

Galleys are a nuisance, cats rule!

I wrote this book before I moved to the farm, before I got bees or chickens or dogs or cats. Which is a good thing because writing takes a lot of time and is best done when there are no distractions. For example, it’s necessary to approve the galleys of your book before your publisher can release your masterpiece. Here’s me snuggling down with a good book 😉 to hunt for typos. Honestly, could Adler make it any harder? My publisher was waiting but Adler wanted to snuggle. How could I push him off? Do you think Leo Tolstoy had a cat? No way, otherwise War and Peace would only be about 100 pages long!

Anyway, enough digressing from my digression. Time to get back to pulling weeds and pruning vines. Here ends my little celebration – I just wanted to share it with you.


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I'm an American-Australian author, gardener and traveller. Go to my writing website: for more. If you're trying to find my gardening blog, it's here.
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15 Responses to Off Topic

  1. Glenn Rittenhouse says:

    I am your number one fan and am very proud of what all you have accomplished. I didn’t think a city girl would end up with a farm but I am thrilled for you and your new life style. Love, Dad

    • You’ll never know how great it is to have you in my corner. I realised just how serious you were in your support when you actually read my books – not the kind of thing you’d read normally. With fans like you, how can I fail whether in the city or on a farm?

  2. Congratulations, it is a monumental achievement. I would love to say I have published my novel, but then some things are truly best left unpublished; and “way to go”.

  3. pattigail says:

    Very exciting Laura. Congratulations!

  4. Gillian says:

    Oh congratulations, so many of us have our manuscript tucked away to bring it out every now and then just to get another rejection letter. What an achievement to have not just one book published, but two.

    • Trust me, if I had a dollar for every rejection letter I’d have more money than I’ve ever made from publishing anything! You need thick skin to be a writer, that’s for sure. Keep taking yours out and sending it to the next publisher who will one day be the right publisher.

  5. vuchickens says:

    Sorry I missed this one… just now catching up. I’m so happy for you! I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

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