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Where’s Laura?

Recently someone asked me if I was just visiting as she’d seen my website link in an email and then gone from there to this “obsolete” blog where I broadcast to the world that I “live” in the Hawkesbury region … Continue reading

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Serving-up Honey in Winter

We’re down to the final kilos of honey from our January harvest. It’s been stored in 20 kilo buckets which we pour into the bucket with a tap before filling jars. Or we did before the honey crystallised. Once it … Continue reading

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Beekeeping Class

On Saturday, a beekeeping class was held here on the farm and in our apiary. Bruce was teaching the class and said hubby and I could join in. The course is generally held over 2 days but was crunched into … Continue reading

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Bee Club Talk

I’m a member of the Nepean Amateur¬†Beekeeper’s Association and we meet every month to talk about bees and check out the club hives. Since it’s winter, we aren’t opening the hives and so it’s a good time to think about … Continue reading

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Backyard Beekeeping vs Professional Beekeeping

A couple years ago, my husband and I became backyard beekeepers. Frank’s father had been a hobby/semi-professional beekeeper yonks ago so Frank had some idea what he was getting into, though that was a different hemisphere and a different generation. … Continue reading

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Another One (Two Actually) Bites the Dust

A little over a month ago I posted about robbing bees. It turns out that a colony had died and so some of the cleverer bees from the other colonies took advantage of the gap (nature abhors a void) and … Continue reading

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Winter White

It’s early winter here. I grew up in Seattle and there you could tell the season and even the month just by looking out your window. At this time of year (December, after northern hemisphere seasonal adjustment) the trees would … Continue reading

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Robbing Bees

Well, it’s happened. I’ve got robber bees in the apiary. I’m suspicious it’s not the first time, just the first time I realised something was amiss and put in the effort to figure out what was wrong. Here’s what I … Continue reading

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Bees Poisoned by Pesticides

I think all of the colonies will survive. I start with that sentence because it wasn’t what I always thought. There was a 24 hour period where my husband and I were sure we were overseeing the death of the … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

I’m not beginning this blog again, not now anyway, but there is a new beginning with the animals on the farm. I hated that my blog ended on such a low note so I’m fixing that by introducing my new … Continue reading

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