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Yesterday we locked our rescue dog, Patchy, on her chain (a wire run) and went to the grocery store for less than 1 hour. It was the 3rd time we’d chained her up in the 2 weeks since we brought … Continue reading

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Watch out for those BEES!!!

No one and nothing likes being stung by bees. Some aren’t too bothered, but I can’t imagine a creature who wouldn’t avoid being stung if it was possible. My chickens used to wander in front of my hives (back when … Continue reading

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Patchy’s Settling In

Well, Patchy is now home and she is part of the family. Frank and I think she’s as sweet as clover honey, Adler is less enamoured. He actually did that Halloween Cat thing where he arched his back, sort of … Continue reading

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Busy Bees

Standing in front of 23 hives, it becomes bleedin’ obvious where the saying “busy bee” comes from. Check out this row of boxes. You can zoom in to any square centimeter and see bees. The air is thick with them. … Continue reading

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Moving Ginger

As part of the move to the farm, Frank and I dug up and took cuttings from some of our Chatswood plants. I dug up all the ginger which was dying back and ready for harvest anyway. I kept a … Continue reading

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New Home, New Chicken Run

The first thing we had to do before we could move to Richmond was build a fox-proof chicken run. We’ve seen foxes on the land twice already and the previous occupant reportedly lost some chooks to foxes. As if that … Continue reading

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We’re Here

We’re Here! “Here” being the farm in Richmond I’ve been going on (and on) about in recent posts. The chooks made the move with little trouble. Unless you count the fact that Rosie was in a big cardboard box in … Continue reading

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Chicken Heaven

It’s winter and, since I knew we were moving, I have haven’t planted much. That combination means the garden is looking decidedly lacking – to humans anyway. Now that the movers are just about here (in 2 days they cart … Continue reading

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Meet Adler

For more than 3 months, a stray cat has been living in our neighbourhood. He steals food from pet cats, terrorises my chickens and stalks about looking skittish whenever he sees me. Maybe because I always yell at him and … Continue reading

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They Missed Me

I’m pretty sure my chickens miss me when I’m gone. For the past few weeks I’ve been spending about 5 days a week on the farm. When I come home, the chickens tend to call me (a sort of whine) … Continue reading

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