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Duck Pond

We have a duck pond on the farm. Or something like a duck pond. It’s a large hole in the ground half-full of water, covered by Azolla (a native water fern), surrounded by grasses and visited by waterbirds. It has … Continue reading

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New Home, New Chicken Run

The first thing we had to do before we could move to Richmond was build a fox-proof chicken run. We’ve seen foxes on the land twice already and the previous occupant reportedly lost some chooks to foxes. As if that … Continue reading

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Hitchcockian Farm

The other day I found myself on a set from The Birds at the Richmond Farm. Or that’s what it felt like. It’s the pecan trees, they attract an incredible amount of animal life – birds being my favourite visitors, … Continue reading

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Do I have a Pet Cockatoo?

Methuselah (that’s what I’ve named him) has moved into a pecan tree above the chicken run. He’s either sick or very old (or both). I suspect he’s old – which means something because cockatoos live easily to 80. He’s lost … Continue reading

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Our First Flood Warning

On the Richmond Farm we’re kind of vulnerable to flooding. Not the house so much (it’s on stilts, on top of a mound, standing on a slight hill) but apparently the road floods and we could become a little island. So … Continue reading

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Parrot (not Possum) Box

In November, Possums moved into our parrot box. It didn’t really matter that it was possums rather than parrots, I was happy as long as some local fauna was making use of all that hard (okay, easy) work. The possums were … Continue reading

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Patterson’s Curse

Until recently I knew 2 things about Patterson’s Curse (Echium plantagineum): 1) It is a noxious, introduced weed that is overrunning the grazing lands of Australia and is poisonous to some livestock. 2) It produces beautiful, small, purple flowers in … Continue reading

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Foraging for Dinner

Out on the farm we are half-camping with minimal supplies to keep us going. There’s a nice flat on the property but we don’t want to move too much in because we’ll just have to move it out when the … Continue reading

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Passata, tomato sauce and tomato juice

Tomatoes are growing like weeds in the heritage rose garden at the Richmond Farm. They’re all cherry tomatoes so probably came up from compost. Frank and I picked several batches and roasted them with a bit of olive oil and … Continue reading

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Winter 2013

As part of my attempt to record the changes in my garden through the seasons, I sometimes (when I think of it) record the beginning of a season with a post (Winter 2011, Summer 2012 and Autumn 2013 being the … Continue reading

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