My Recipes

I started this blog in order to become a better gardener. I figured if I kept track of what I planted, how I cared for it and what I harvested, every year I’d get better results.

From there the next obvious step was to use the produce of my garden in healthier, tastier and more creative ways. I wanted to try new things and experiment in my own kitchen. So I post recipes – generally only the successes – and categorise them under “recipe” which hopefully will make it easier for me (and others) to find recipes in all those pages about plants, chickens and bees.

The recipes I include are not just fruit and veg based, now that I have bees and chickens, I include a lot of recipes that feature honey and eggs.

My recipes tend to use as many basic ingredients as possible (like basil, garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese, not pesto sauce) and I even try to make my own basic ingredients when I can (like almond meal and yogurt). This is all part of my belief that the simple things are generally the best. It also fits in with my constant efforts to live a more sustainable life – less packaging, less energy, smaller carbon foot-print, better life.


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