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Front Cover - Starting OverIn 2007 I wrote my first book, a novel called Starting Over. In 2009 that book found a publisher and actually went on sale in print and as an eBook. I loved the whole experience and was fired up and wrote a couple more books, including one non-fiction, over the subsequent years.

I started writing short stories in 2008 to hone my craft and to get some publishing credits for my resume. I thought that might help my books find a publisher – it didn’t ūüė¶ . Not to worry, several of my short stories have been published in print and electronic form which has been a reward in itself. I still write short stories and love getting lost in an idea and turning it into a story in a day rather than weeks or months.

Life's Journey - WEB 1Getting published is hard work and somehow my writing took a back seat to the farm, blogging, my animals and life in general.¬†It may have taken a back seat, but it’s not dead. More recently, partly as a result of my pause in blogging, I dusted off my second & third¬†novels and sent them to my publisher. They offered me contracts for both¬†so Life’s Journeys and Confessions of an Aging Adulterer have now been released. I love having a three books to put on my shelf above my desk. It gives me something to look at while I blog, email and generally ignore my garden :-).

Here’s where I posted about my success in getting Life’s Journey’s published. More information about my writing, including some of my short stories (published and not) can be found on my website:


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  1. Lee Griffin says:

    Hi Laura and Frank
    Remember us. Really love to catch up. :’-)
    Email if you can I changed provider phones and all sorts xL

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