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Dad’s Banana Bread – sort of

My dad makes a yummy banana bread and I’ve followed his hastily jotted-down recipe faithfully for years. But since my garden and kitchen habits have changed, it was time to reboot the recipe. Hopefully without losing any of the yumminess. … Continue reading

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Banana, pecan and chocolate chip muffin recipe

This is a fusion dish – a fusion of our soon-to-be-vacated suburban house produce and our soon-to-be-inhabited farm produce. Bananas from the back yard and pecans from the orchard combine to create quite the taste sensation. Obviously the chocolate chips … Continue reading


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Bountiful Bananas

Bananas actually don’t have a season. The plant will throw a spear at any time of the year. This means you never know when you’ll get bananas which only adds to the thrill of a good harvest. For whatever reason … Continue reading

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Banana Season

There is no such thing as a banana season – every season is banana season. The funny ol’ plants can throw a spear at any time of year. Mine speared this year in late March (that’s late summer). Last time … Continue reading

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I Do NOT Hate Possums

I don’t mind sharing my garden with possums. That is no lie. Maybe it’s not exactly the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but honestly, Your Honour, if possums want to pick some citrus fruit or nibble … Continue reading

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Banana Lessons

This post could be filed under either¬†the “Ya Learn Sumtin’ New Every Day” or the “How Come I didn’t Know that already?” categories. I just learned something new about my garden: Bananas have no season. One of the things I … Continue reading

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Seasonal Food Trees

I used to have a very fixed idea of seasons and food production which matched the classical 4-seasons art works you might find in art galleries around the world. Spring was for new growth: flowers, fresh green leaves and maybe … Continue reading

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Second Banana Spear

Today we harvested the 2nd banana spear. It held 5 nice hands weighing 4.4kilos in total. At todays prices, that’s about $50 worth of bananas! No more spears on any of the plants so this looks like the end of … Continue reading

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Out with the old and in with the new. Sometimes you just have to accept that plants need replacing and your garden can benefit from the occasional rejuvenation. Frank and I have several plants in our sites and today we … Continue reading

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Garden Maintenance

Today was a big garden maintenance day around our house. From 9-4 we were in the garden working like maniacs and didn’t plant a thing. Frank spent most of the day rebuilding the compost bin. The bottom slats of wood … Continue reading

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