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Sweet Chilli Sauce Recipe

Sweet Chilli Sauce is one of those things that we always have on hand in the fridge. It can spice up any number of dishes. Recently we ran out and decided that, since we constantly have more chillies ripening in … Continue reading

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Stuffed Eggplant

I’m so happy that my few surviving eggplant plants (is that the right phrase to use?) actually are producing eggplants. I know most people just expect to sow eggplant seeds, wait a bit and then harvest eggplants. That’s not been … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason I Love My Garden

A friend phoned a couple of days ago and asked Hubby and me over for a dip in their pool and a relaxing evening at their place. With little effort we decided they’d BBQ some chicken and make the satay sauce … Continue reading

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