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Hitchcockian Farm

The other day I found myself on a set from The Birds at the Richmond Farm. Or that’s what it felt like. It’s the pecan trees, they attract an incredible amount of animal life – birds being my favourite visitors, … Continue reading

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Do I have a Pet Cockatoo?

Methuselah (that’s what I’ve named him) has moved into a pecan tree above the chicken run. He’s either sick or very old (or both). I suspect he’s old – which means something because cockatoos live easily to 80. He’s lost … Continue reading

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Cockatoos and Sunflowers

Yesterday I spotted a sulphur crested cockatoo swooping in my backyard (not unusual). It looked like it must have landed on the side fence (unusual). I went and took a look and found it in the banana plant (unusual) near … Continue reading

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