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Where did that come from?

Walking the well worn path between my front door and the door to the chicken run I saw this lying in the grass. It was the middle of the day and it hadn’t been there in the morning. From a … Continue reading

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A Friend Indeed

Man’s best friend might be dog, but who is dog’s best friend? Okay, my dog, Rusty, adores me more than any other living thing, but that’s not the same thing as being a friend. A dog needs someone he can play … Continue reading

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Nightmare Scenario!

I have chickens and I have a dog. That combination was tried and failed miserably in the past. We put a lot of effort into finding a dog that would make the combination more successful. Rusty had zero interest in … Continue reading

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Dogs are Disgusting

I adore Rusty. He’s so loving and sweet and cute as a button. He knows how to have a good time – he loves toys! He’s bright enough to find the softest seat in the house. He knows how to … Continue reading

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All Grown Up

He may not be quite all grown up, but yesterday Rusty turned 1. I’m not the type to celebrate human birthdays, much less animals, but I did take time (once I remembered) to buy him a special treat of a … Continue reading

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Fatty Fatty Two by Four

Last week the local farmer called Rusty a fatty. I’d been thinking he (the dog, not the farmer) was bulking out a bit and so Tim’s comment got me worried. Rusty’s a Staffy X Kelpie. Kelpies are narrow and Staffies … Continue reading

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Yesterday we locked our rescue dog, Patchy, on her chain (a wire run) and went to the grocery store for less than 1 hour. It was the 3rd time we’d chained her up in the 2 weeks since we brought … Continue reading

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Watch out for those BEES!!!

No one and nothing likes being stung by bees. Some aren’t too bothered, but I can’t imagine a creature who wouldn’t avoid being stung if it was possible. My chickens used to wander in front of my hives (back when … Continue reading

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Patchy’s Settling In

Well, Patchy is now home and she is part of the family. Frank and I think she’s as sweet as clover honey, Adler is less enamoured. He actually did that Halloween Cat thing where he arched his back, sort of … Continue reading

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Patchy finds a home

This morning, Frank and I went to the animal shelter and rescued Patchy. She is a very sweet (we hope so anyway) Lab, Husky cross. She’s 1 1/2 years old and was surrendered by her previous owners (why?). Here they … Continue reading

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