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One Box, Two Hens

We have a variety of places for our chickens to lay but, being chickens, there is only one place they are willing to lay. Which creates a problem if you have 2 chickens who get the urge at the same … Continue reading

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Coop Scoop

  There’s always something happening down at the chicken run. I am, depending on various factors, amused, saddened, worried, fascinated, pleased and a whole gamut of other emotions by my 6 chickens. You can thank me now for sparing you … Continue reading

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Impromptu Hamper

I invited myself over to friends’ on Saturday. I was going to be in that part of town and I wanted to see them and they were polite enough to accept my reverse-invitation – they even seemed to think it was … Continue reading

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Dad’s Banana Bread – sort of

My dad makes a yummy banana bread and I’ve followed his hastily jotted-down recipe faithfully for years. But since my garden and kitchen habits have changed, it was time to reboot the recipe. Hopefully without losing any of the yumminess. … Continue reading

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Pecan Pie Recipe

I’ve never been a huge fan of pecan pies – I’m more a berry pie kinda gal – but with acres of trees literally dropping pecans by the bucketful, I thought I’d give pecan pie another try. After all, it’s … Continue reading

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Carrot Cake Recipe

I like having sweets around the house to eat (because I’m a glutton) and also to share. I prefer candies like fudge or honeycomb but don’t mind the odd friand or sweet cake either. Carrot cake is one of my … Continue reading

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Consequences of that Cat

Well, since that scary cat attacked my chickens, their behaviour has continued further down the same path. Not only do they avoid foraging in the bottom of the garden, they don’t seem keen on laying down there either. For a few … Continue reading

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Happy Anniversary Girls

I don’t know when my chickens were born. I’m guessing it was on or about December 2, 2011, but that really is a guess and the exact date doesn’t matter all that much to me. The date that does matter to … Continue reading

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Stuffed Eggplant

I’m so happy that my few surviving eggplant plants (is that the right phrase to use?) actually are producing eggplants. I know most people just expect to sow eggplant seeds, wait a bit and then harvest eggplants. That’s not been … Continue reading

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Bronwyn Soiled Herself :-(

Bronwyn is a very good layer (like all Isa Browns) and produces really big eggs every day. Unfortunately twice she’s had a bit of a hiccup where she laid a malformed egg that had a funky shell. Make that 3 times. … Continue reading

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