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Corn Fritter Recipe

All of my sweet corn ripened at once (like always happens in the garden). This was my first year harvesting sweet corn and I wasn’t sure what to do with all that corn besides boiling it and eating it. Not … Continue reading

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Honey Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

As I continue in my effort to make things from ingredients I (or my “pets”) produce, I find myself toying with tried-and-true recipes. This example is my bog standard chocolate chip cookie recipe modified to include my almond meal and … Continue reading

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My Chicken Transmogrified into a Quail

Isabel transmogrified into a quail this morning… then turned back into a chicken. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why she laid a dark brown, 23 gram egg when her normal egg is 60 grams and a … Continue reading

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Best Salad Ever

I have no idea why I liked this salad so much, I just did. I’ve been eating salads almost daily for quite a while since my garden is overwhelming me, but this one was a meal and tasty and it … Continue reading

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Are Isabel and Bronwyn Moulting?

On Saturday all three of my hens laid an egg. No surprise, all three lay an egg every day. Okay, about once a month an egg is missing, but otherwise it’s like clockwork. On Sunday, only Rosie laid an egg … Continue reading

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Meringue vs Macaroon

I love meringues. Frank, not so much. Frank loves macaroons. Me, not as much as meringues, but pretty much. And they are a great way to use up all those eggs my chickens deliver every day. I decided to try … Continue reading

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Almost Lost an Egg

Recently I went to let the chickens out at 7 AM (the sun comes up at a much more socially acceptable hour since we went on summer time). Rosie and Isabel were pacing by the gate but Bronwyn was still … Continue reading

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Final Pea Harvest (until I sow some more)

This year we had a pretty good pea harvest. Both snow and normal peas produced for a long time. The normal pea plants developed a mould towards the end of their life which probably cut the production slightly, but it … Continue reading

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Healthy Lunch

Today the menu is a roll (I make my own from scratch) with a fried egg (courtesy of the chickens), a green salad (lettuce and rocket from the garden), fresh peas (normal and snow peas) and a handful of strawberries … Continue reading

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Lemon & Raspberry Verrine

I had to look up “verrine”. It’s a layered dish (French in origin, obviously) sweet or savory. Fast Ed made a great dessert recently on Better Homes and Gardens. It caught my eye because it looked like it would taste … Continue reading

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