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Evansia Iris

In my ongoing struggle to decide what is a weed, what is edible and what everything should be called on the farm, I spent a bit of time trying to identify this beauty. Not because I was in doubt (it … Continue reading

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Fruit Flowers

I’ve got a few plants that produce fruit. Some of them are in bloom, some have already spent their flowers and some are stubbornly refusing to even enter the race. I never cease to be amazed at how there is … Continue reading

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Beautiful Signs of Spring

Though I sometimes might act like it, spring isn’t only about my edibles – what to plant, what to eat, what invaders to tackle – it’s also about some pretty amazing beauty. Flowers are in bloom all year in Sydney … Continue reading

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Transplant Shock

In the past I’ve worried a lot about transplant shock. When you remove seedlings from a seed tray, separate them and then stick them in the ground, they really suffer. So much so that I’ve often wondered if it wouldn’t be better … Continue reading

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Frangipani Maintenance

Frangipani isn’t a plant I grew up with and it doesn’t produce anything edible so, though I love my frangipani tree with its fragrant white summer flowers, I’ve put no effort into figuring out how to keep it happy and … Continue reading

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Transplanting Flowers

I’ve refused to give up on growing flowers from seed, though I’m still not confident I can do it. My sowing from mid-June hasn’t yielded amazing results, but there were some seedlings that obviously were not simply weeds (though there … Continue reading

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Winter Pollinators

Amongst the long list of things I know nothing or little about in my garden is pollinators. The extent of my knowledge is that a wise gardener encourages flowers and insects in the garden because pollinators like flowers and are … Continue reading

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Try Try Again

Persistence is right up there with sunlight and water when you’re making a list of what you’ll need when planning a garden. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again (and again and again). I do get frustrated but, … Continue reading

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Early Jonquil?

Last week this Jonquil appeared out of nowhere. Well, not exactly nowhere, we’ve had some green leaves popping up in the 3 Jonquil beds but there are only one or two showing an inclination to flower. So, is this a … Continue reading

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Flower Success

In early September I sowed a myriad of flower seeds around my garden. My plan was to have a few spots overflowing with spring and summer colour. The reality fell far short. For whatever reason, the only flowers that actually … Continue reading

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